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​Whether you require expert assistance for a comprehensive, multi-channel event campaign or focused guidance in a specific marketing channel, I specialize in project management and strategic campaign execution tailored to your unique requirements. My goal is to help you effectively meet your event's objectives and targets.


Creation of targeted, value-led messaging aligned with an event branding and positioning within the industry. Specifically focusing on tone of voice, features, benefits, USPs and SEO keywords to ensure all comms resonate with audiences and increase relevance to drive attendees

Email Marketing

Crafting timely, targeted and engaging event promotional email campaigns using a balance of product and content value messaging, along with personalisation, clear call to actions and captivating subject lines to drive conversion rates against benchmarks to optimise results.

Social Media 

Elevating organic generation of leads, registrations and brand awareness pre, during and post event through a bespoke social calendar aligned with marketing communications to boost an event's presence across relevant platforms and grow audiences beyond a database.




Building long-term relationships with relevant media partners, associations and utilising event speakers, sponsors and exhibitors to attract and grow event audiences through structured communications, design assets or by using automated off the shelf platforms.

Executing PPC adverts across paid, search and display channels with a strategic campaign based on core objectives, timelines, budgets, ad content and audience targeting with continuous campaign optimisation and testing to evaluate responsiveness to achieve a strong ROI.

Auditing and implementing recommendations for a results driven audience user experience through content, design, navigation and SEO techniques to attract new and returning visitors and monitoring metrics through GA4 to provide user insights to use across marketing channels.

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